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  • Absolutely brilliant. Educational materials created in the format of "Standard Work " (similar to a recipe). Why had no one else thought of this before? We are now seeing other "Lean consultants" label their approach and their materials as " Instructional Standard Work", but we are very clear about who [Excalibur] is the original.

  • We had hired three "Management Engineers" with Lean experience in the auto industry. When they taught their first "Introduction to Lean" orientation to our Senior Leadership Team and Med Chiefs, I was embarrassed. They had literally photocopied training materials from their former automotive employers and from an assortment of textbooks. Not healthcare oriented and not professional to say the least. We invested in the entire library of instructional materials from Excalibur. Now when I introduce our Lean courses, I can do so with pride knowing we are providing the best information available to our staff.

  • After literally reading over a dozen books on "Lean" I was confused. One book said the purpose of Lean was to save money, another said it was to improve quality, a third never really stated a purpose. The next mystery: what are the core tools of a Lean System? Value Stream Mapping, no! Problem Solving, no! 5S? With Excalibur´s comprehensive set of educational materials we now have a clear and coherent path communicating to every level of our organization how to implement our Lean Healthcare System.

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