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** The Complete Library ** Lean Healthcare Systems ****** Available 2016 ****** ***
Lean Systems Contact us for Pricing. Available 2015 - (1872 Total Pages. Formats: PowerPoint 97-2003 or Adobe PDF) This comprehensive Lean Systems Library will be delivered on a DVD by Certified Mail. The Lean Systems Library covers the entire spectrum of Lean Systems Elements. This is a detailed "how to" guide, not a generic "what is it" description of Lean System Elements. This includes 24 Presentations with educational exercises which demonstrate critical Lean System concepts and allow the learner to confirm his understanding. A partial list of contents follows: 1.Seeing with “New Eyes”, 2.Process Observation and Diagnosis, 3.Process Documentation and Analysis (Value Stream and Process Mapping), 4.Process Simulation (An Introduction), 5.5S Workplace Organization and Standardization, 6.Error Proofing, 7.Quick Change Over (Equipment and Room Turnaround), 8.Standardized Work, 9.Pull Systems (Kanban and Visual Materials Management), 10.Theory of Constraints (An Introduction), 11.Abnormality Management, 12.High Reliability Teams, 13.Cellular Work Processing, 14.Lean Facility and Work Area Layout, 15.A3 Problem Solving (Toyota Model), 16.3P (Production Preparation Process), 17.Layered Audit, 18.Organizational Communication in a Lean System, 19.Performance Measurement in a Lean System, 20.Leading KAIZEN (Rapid Process Improvement), 21. Catalyzing Culture Change, 22. Process and Equipment Maintenance
1872 Page(s)
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Arriving in 2016 FREE Publications on Healthcare Performance Improvement . *******
Lean Systems Available in 2015. A four part series of presentations on Performance Improvement in Healthcare. Topics presented include: 1. Comparison of the Effectiveness of Different Healthcare Process Improvement Strategies 2. How to Select a Worthy Partner for Performance Improvement 3. Looking over the Shoulder of a Lean Expert: One Day in Your Hospital 4. Enemies Within: Systems, Thinking and People Who Sabotage Process Improvement in Your Own Organization
100 Page(s)
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